ARCHIVED HISTORIC SITE of The Yachting World 14ft Dayboat Association which is now Yachting World Dayboat Association

There is a very active Class Association which exists to advise members, advertise Dayboats and maintain a healthy interest in racing and cruising. Officers and Committee are elected annually to co-ordinate national and local racing, cruising and social events, and keep up to date on matters of interest to Dayboat owners.

Members receive annual issues of Dayboat News, together with regular Newsletters and the Association Handbook, detailing the Class Rules and other information of importance to the class.

Various Open Meetings are arranged during the year, normally at clubs in which the YW Dayboat is an adopted class. The annual Dayboat week incorporates the National Championships, and a full programme of cruises where the venue makes this possible.

New members are always welcome; the Hon Secretary will be pleased to answer queries by letter, phone, or e-mail, or to issue a copy of the current list of secondhand boats for sale.

For further information please contact the Honorary Secretaryby clicking here.

The Boat

The Yachting World Dayboat was designed in 1949 by G O'Brien Kennedy, M.R.I.N.A. His brief was to submit a design to "Yachting World" for a robust, round-bilged dinghy which could be used for family sailing and was capable of standing up to some of the more difficult open waters encountered around our coasts. It had to have a generous freeboard and plenty of stability.

The YW Dayboat is a superbly stable, partly decked dinghy suitable for exhilarating racing or contented cruising. With a basic wood or GRP clinker construction, and most of the original concepts having been retained, boats of 25 years old and more still compete with the newer GRP models, thus making the Dayboat a very sound investment.

Various fleets of Dayboats are sailed in a very friendly and highly competitive manner in a number of clubs around the country, while cruising members are spread nationwide.

Although heavy in construction, the YW Dayboat is fully capable of planing, and is easily trailed by the average car. The class rules lay a heavy emphasis on safety and each boat must carry sufficient buoyancy, oars and rowlocks, an anchor and warp. 

Racing Team

The Dayboat provides exhilarating racing, with the class rules designed to give all boats a fair chance and owners the opportunity of developing their own skills in boat tuning and handling.

Open meetings are always keenly attended, all Dayboat clubs hosting one each year, enabling participants and Dayboat owners to swap ideas, stay in touch and meet new friends.

National Championships are held at a different venue each year, providing further variety and interest, and testing the skills of the top helms to the full.

Family Sailing

Married couples of all ages, parents and children enjoy the special features of the Yachting World Dayboat.

It is ideal for teaching youngsters and adults to sail, and to enable them to take their first step into competitive racing as part of a permissible crew of 3 for racing.

With boats normally kept afloat, all launching and recovery traumas are kept to a minimum, allowing sailing time to be enjoyed to the full.

The class gives active encouragement to youngsters to sail and race, with special trophies awarded annually.