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CupName Thumb Donor YearGiven CurrentPupose PreviousPurpose
Aberdonian's Cup Some Aberdonian Db Owners 1960 Winner of 3rd scheduled point race
Anonymous (Leaky Boat)
A Dayboat Owner 1960 Best place traditional clinker boat (riveted not glued) in championship series o More ... From 1960 to 1969 was a trophy awarded to the winner of a race for Section B, sm More ...
Brixham YC Trophy Brixham Yc 1960 Travellers - greatest distance to events since 1983 1973-1979 TEYC Open Weekend.
Cadet Race @ Championship 0
Cake Trophy E.W.Cake 0 Winner of the second scheduled points race.
Caledonian 0
City Of Plymouth Cup Plymouth Corporation 0 Championship runner up
Crews Race @ Championship 0
Decent Trophy 0
Graham Penny Trophy Mrs. G. Penny 1979 Highest placed boat outside the first 6 over a 2 year period
HOWARD CHALLENGE CUP 1951 Thornbury SC Regatta - Sunday race winner Thornbury SC trophy
Husband And Wife Trophy A.G.Anderson 1960 Best place husband and wife to finish in the Long Distance race First husband and wife crew to finish in the Championship race
J. C. Payne Trophy W. Tarrant, Esq. 0 Winner of first scheduled points race
Kiddle Morris Trophy Sq. Ldr. B. Kiddle Morris 1962 Winner of the Cadet race Cadet Trophy
Ladies Race @ Championship 0
Ladies Race Trophy Don Tanner 1978 Winner of Ladies Race
Lady Crew Trophy D. R. Tanner, Esq. 0 Lady crew best placed in the point series
Long Distance Race @ Championship 0
Marlow Rope Marlow Ropes Ltd. 0 Best placed first timer in the points series
Marlow Rope Trophy Marlow Ropes Ltd. 1963 Winner of the fourth scheduled points race.