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Event Start Finish Location Club Info NOR Entry Contact Type Notes Report Lnk Photos Lnk 3rd Lnk 4th Lnk QR Code Year
DB WEEK 2021 19/06/2021 24/06/2021 Falmouth Alastair Seaton a.seaton@outlook.com National Championship
PYC Open 2020 08/08/2020 09/08/2020 Poole Harbour Poole YC Natalie French nf.ywdb@gmail.com Open Meeting (2day) 1st Day Saturday = 2 races around the islands in Poole Harbour
2nd Day Sunday = More ...
DB WEEK 2020 25/07/2020 30/07/2020 Torbay Brixham YC DB Week 2020 sailing social prog. Final 20 Dec.doc
BYC race area.pdf
YWDB Week Brixham 2020 NOR V4 Final 29 Dec RD.docx YWDB Brixham 2020 entry form Final 29 DecRD.docx Alastair Seaton a.seaton@outlook.com National Championship
TSC Open 2020 27/06/2020 28/06/2020 Oldbury on Severn Thornbury SC Tim Parkinson using tim@tparkinson.co.uk Open Meeting (2day) The Open Meeting will be run in conjunction with TSC annual Regatta
BSC Open 2020 13/06/2020 14/06/2020 Bosham, Chichester Harbou Bosham SC davidmac100@gmail.com Open Meeting (2day) Will be run as part of our 3 day Masters event.
The DB Open (with dedicated DB More ...
GSC Open 2020 06/06/2020 07/06/2020 Gravesend Gravesend SC Geoff Honey: geoff.h2@ntlworld.com Open Meeting (2day)